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Willow Grove Over The Years

Willow Grove

THE CROSS I intended the cross to be unusual inspiring original and most of all truthful My thoughts went back two millennia to the hills of Golgotha Calvary on the outskirts of ancient Jerusalem in my mind I saw not one but three crosses.

They were for apart Alabama Calvary Mississippi but the suffering was one and somehow the crosses began to join and bridge together the weaknesses and struggle of the sinners had become the source of strength for the Redeemer in His own struggle.

REPRESENTATION The rising cross in my sculpture symbolizes the struggle of the human strengths against its weaknesses The three crosses represent forgiveness tolerance and understanding through Unity Equality and Pride of each and every human being for whom the highest price was paid on the Cross of Calvary

DEDICATION I dedicate my sculpture to commemorate the struggle of all builders of our Nation past present and future Long live Canada.                                                                       Sculpture by Wieslow Wojcik 1997


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