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George Hector

George Hector

George Hector was born in Gagetown, New Brunswick. His interest in music came from his mother who played accordion. At an early age he became fascinated by the banjo.

His father bought him a secondhand banjo. He did not take lessons and he was soon good enough to play on the radio CFBO at the Admiral Beatty Hotel. In 1935 he was hired by Don Messer and made his first professional concert appearance. At the time George was a chauffeur for the late Howard P. Robinson.

“I was making $22.50 a week just for driving a car and keeping it shined…not bad for the hungry thirties”. Billed as the “Singing Chauffeur,” he gave up chauffeuring in 1946 and joined the Maritime Farmers. He played with them on TV, radio and in concerts for the next 15 years. In 1966 he went to Toronto. There he worked a day job and played clubs in the evenings. In the 1970’s he had a one-man show with patter, jokes and sing along.

George considered himself a banjo-playing Country-music singer.